icon-app KYMS allows you to keep your photos and videos secret by hiding them behind a harmless calculator: also the icon shown on your device after installing will be a simple calculator icon!
Only knowing the password you'll be able to access the private library.
Start the video to see KYMS in action!
  KYMS allows to import media from:
  • your device Camera!
  • your PC or MAC by using an ultra-fast WiFi connection that allows you to import photos, videos and entire movies with a simple drag&drop operation!
  • your CAMERA ROLL: KYMS will KEEP THE ORIGINAL PHOTO QUALITY AND SIZE.. many other applications will destroy your image quality!
  • FACEBOOK albums (your and of your friends), thanks to the native integration, that allows to browse friends and albums and download more photos in one tap!
  • WEB: With the PRIVATE MULTI-TAB INTEGRATED BROWSER that allows you to download photos, videos and documents from any website and doesn't save any history!
  You can CREATE AS MANY COLLECTIONS AS YOU WANT. Each collection will contains photos, videos and documents!:
  • You can store PHOTOS AND VIDEOS
  • Almost all file types are supported: PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT
  • You can MOVE FILES between collections
  • Thanks to the WIFI SHARING You can sync your collections between iDevices!!
  The DOWNLOAD button will appears as soon as you start a video!!:
  • Visit your preferred VIDEO SHARING WEBSITES
  • Start a VIDEO
  • Wait for the DOWNLOAD BUTTON
  • Tap on DOWNLOAD to put the video in the AUTOMATIC DOWNLOAD QUEUE!
  Install KYMS and a fully functional Calculator will appear in your springboard. THE CAMOUFLAGED APP NAME ON THE SPRINGBOARD WILL BE "KyCalc".

The Calculator will be the secret gateway to your private media library!!
With KYMS you can protect your images and your videos from prying eyes and watch them whenever you want by simply launching the App and entering your password!
Even if you lost or simply left unattended your iDevice, no one can access your photos, videos or other image files (drawings, plans, etc.) because they are protected by KYMS.